Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The feeling of being overwhelmed and loneliness continues to linger. We've made progress in the house yet I still feel a sense of emptiness. I've reached out through FaceBook to an expat group for help & suggestions and it did help some. I'm struggling to find purpose and some joy while doubting if our move here to Cyprus was the right choice. Strange when I'm away I miss it so much yet when I'm here I feel so alone.

This morning I'm meeting up with an aquientence at IKEA. It's 10:21 am and the restaurant area is packed with seniors. It's interesting to sit and watch. So many people, some deep in conversation, others just sitting there looking into space. I wonder how many arranged marriages of the past are happy. I see so many bitter faces and I can't help but ask myself what story they hold.

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