Monday, April 25, 2016

Believe You Can!

The 1st chapter of my book on my computer for over 3 years and in my thoughts for over 10 years. I've always wanted to write a book but second guessed myself which lead to years of putting it off. When I finally found some time I decided to continue to write and gave my writing as it developed to a friend to read. The feedback I got from her inspired me to keep going. Last week I published for the first time and the feeling of joy and accomplishment was amazing. The night I uploaded to Amazon KDP I couldn't even sleep. During this week there have been about 34 downloads of the book and it's very exciting to see the numbers increase and read the reviews. Over the weekend I thought to myself and realized that though my book might not be appealing to some others really enjoyed it and want to learn more about the characters. It's inspired me to continue to write the stories that are aways floating around in my head.

So my advice to you is: don't procrastinate! If you have a dream work toward it and don't second guess your abilities.

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