Monday, October 30, 2017

Paperback Now Available

I'm so excited!!! I received the paperback books I ordered in the this week. The cover looks beautiful. Showed it to my hubby, he looked amazed and said "wow, congratulations". That comment made my day. Now I'm in the process of giving some copies of the book to some very dear friends.

What I have learned in the process of trying to get the book promoted and placed for sale in various bookstores is that many bookstores will not sell your book if it's self published through Amazon or Create Space. I find it very unfair as other publishing companies charge a lot of money for the services that I can obtain through Create Space. This makes a huge difference when as an author you are just trying to get your story out there for others to enjoy.

I will keep you updated!

Friday, October 13, 2017

So Excited!!!

I've republished "Awakenings: The Greek, The Russian and Me" after it has gone through professional editing. It has a beautiful new cover. It's listed on Amazon for $0.99 for a short time. I'm also running a promotional giveaway through Amazon

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Of all the seasons Fall is my favorite! October through December for me are the best months of the year. The leaves on the trees change color, there is a cool crisp morning air and best of all you get to wear jacket and heavier clothing. Fall is a wonderful time to spend outside admiring mother nature, taking long walks and coming home to snuggle with my hubby and a cup of coffee.
The things that I love the most is decorating (not scary) the house for Halloween, both inside and out. There is just something special about seeing children pass by and smile when looking at the decorations. I would say that out of all the holidays Halloween is my favorite.

Monday, October 2, 2017


Conn's home town of Limassol is so different than NYC. Can Fran really comprehend where he is from? What do you think?

Monday, September 25, 2017


Sometimes we are in a rut and time just flies by. When I wrote "Awakenings:The Greek, The Russian and Me" I was going through some very difficult things and writing was an escape from reality. I published it through Amazon but never had it professionally edited. Well more than a year has passed and I'm in the process of republishing the book once the editing process is complete, hopefully by the end of October. In the mean time what was once meant to be just one stand alone story has become a Trilogy as the characters are still alive in my mind. As I continue to take steps toward republishing I'm also working on book 2. I hope to soon be able to share some parts of it with you soon.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Looking for Inspiration

Sometimes it's hard to get going. I seem to be in one of those slumps. Not to be negative but I wish we could turn the hands of time back to a period when people were true to their word and mor honorable. I'm tired of the rat race and the lack of sincere empathy for others. I read many FB post where people share a difficult event they are going through and the replies are frequently "prayers" Hmmm though some comments might be sincere I feel that "prayers" seems to be the default reply for many things. What happen to the time when people actually checked on others instead of sending an impartial message via text. In working on my next book I'm finding it hard to get inspired in a society where people are less tolerant of each other, where email has become a blessing and a curse, where everyone is looking for the latest and greatest next gadget. My heart yearns for a simpler time with no emails or cell phones. What does your heart yearn for?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


I've been neglecting my writing all summer as I decided to dedicate myself to spending quality time with my family. It's been a summer filled with wonderful short family trips and plenty of quality family time. But as my kids prepare to return to school in the following weeks I'm preparing to continue writing the sequel to my first book "Awakenings: The Greek, The Russian and Me" I also want to work on some other stories and projects that I have in my head.

One of my main goals is to consistently write on this blog but not just about my stories. I want to share more of myself. After all no one is just one thing and I'm not just a writer.